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February is over; March - and the promise of spring - is here. Where I live, it's not at all unusual for March to be the snowiest month of the winter, but if our local meteorologists are to be believed, it doesn't seem like that's going to happen. We're currently enjoying the driest, sunniest, mildest week since last fall, and it's really got me thinking about spring. The advent of the warmer months isn't something I typically look forward to with any kind of joy (I hate sweating), but since we're still not able to resume with abandon our 2019 lives, it'll at least be good to be able to get some fresh air without freezing. And spring brings with it a feeling of rebirth - I feel it more at this time of year than I do on New Year's Day. And after the last year, who isn't in the market for a little renewal?

I've chosen what I hope is a good list of books for March - read on to see what made the cut!

Week 1: Paris is Always a Good Idea by Jenn McKinlay

Week 2: Left to Chance by Amy Sue Nathan

Week 3: No Regrets by Tabitha Webb

Week 4: The Wedding Game by Meghan Quinn

Week 5: Don't Fall For Me by Elle Fielding

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